Saturday, March 14, 2020

Time for new beginnings ...

Spring and a time for new beginnings.  Difficult to believe with the current health crisis, and all the other worldly matters.  So, when it all seems so overwhelming -- I resort to nature.  Just sitting under the trees that have just begun to flower, listening to the songs of birds, it gives you a gentle reminder that God is, indeed, in control.

I meditate among the trees, the mountains, the clear, or cloudy, sky and remind myself of all the things I do not have control over.  To maintain any amount of sanity, I must let go of the control mechanism I, and many other people, have.

So, visit our website.  Yes, much of it is traditional religion, but I do open myself up to anything that can release the stress from my spirit.  I love travel, seeing new environments, taking photos -- and sharing with you!

In this blog I'll address what you can do with your photos.  How you can showcase your spiritual travels.  I'll let you know of places I've found particularly restful and calming.  So, follow us, stay tuned and be sure to visit Nature's Sol.

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