Saturday, March 14, 2020

It's Lent. It's reflection and preparation time.

Lent is the 40 days pre-Easter, pre Christ's Resurrection.  Various Christian denominations celebrate this period in different ways.  The most "popular" Lenten observance is giving up something that is very important to you.  People attempt to break bad habits, lose weight, and, actually, various other self improvement features.  While this may inspire you to reflect upon Christ's sufferings, what about you take something up, for a change?

What if you took time to pray more.  Take time to have conversations with God.  Research the saints (even if you're not Catholic, these are great people to take the time to study).  Start volunteering.  That will remind you of Christ's sufferings through the misfortune of others.  Be grateful for your blessings.  Be reminded of how quickly life can change.

Of course, there's also celebrations.  In Catholicism, it's the 1st Holy Communion along with a person's first Reconciliation.  Some Protestant religions have returned to having communicants study before receiving their first communion.  And so, while this is a very reflective process, many times families and sponsors enjoy presenting the communicant with gifts signifying this important day.

Nature's Sol tries to help in this respect in providing one of a kind, original, heartfelt gifts.  From placing your communicant's photo on a slate frame, to providing a custom rosary pouch -- each product is made with your request in mind.  We work with you to deliver a truly memorable gift.

Check us out.  If you have questions, or requests, please email us at   Visit our store at Nature's Sol

Boy First Communion Rosary Pouch

Girl First Communion Rosary Pouch

rosary pouch reconciliation

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